Destination wedding Photography options around the world

If you are looking for a destination photographer then I can work with you to make this as cost effective as possible. Only charging for my packages as a normal in Berlin wedding and then travel and an overnight stays on top. Check out my blog posts for more information on these here you can see it

Destination Wedding Photographer –  Kemal Onur Ozman 
  • Choose a package that fits your schedule
  • Or enquire for custom hours- I know from having photographed many destination weddings that timings can be different from Germany weddings. So I am here to be able to create an option perfect for your day.
  • Let me know the location – I can then give you a quote for the travel and overnight stay (a few nights if this is a long distance and several days of coverage)
  • No hidden costs or extras. I lay these out fully for you. Here you can contact me directly
Prague Wedding Photographer Kemal Onur Ozman
Prague Wedding Photographer

I have been lucky enough to visit some lovely places for weddings such as Australia, Turkey, France, Slovenia, Croatia, Thailand, Vietnam, Italy, New York. And soon to be covered will be Amalfi Coast, Seychelles, Denver, Morocco, Greece.


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