Sophie Charlotte, the first Queen consort in Prussia, was not only an accomplished musician, playing the harpsichord and singing Italian opera, but also strolled through the grounds here with her friend, the renowned scholar and philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. When Sophie Charlotte died, just 36 years old, the palace and the area around was named Charlottenburg after her. Today, this is the largest and most magnificent palace in Berlin – a highlight for any Berlin visitor.

Covid-19 Rules For Palace Charlottenburg

Please note: The current opening and closing hours and special hygiene rules for the Covid-19 are available on this website.


The former tea house and panoramic pavillon, built in 1788, houses an exquisite collection of porcelain objects.

A Palace Garden Café is romantically located in the small Orangery.

Look to the sky

On the dome of the palace, a golden figure of the goddess Fortuna is balancing on a sphere. She carries an outstretched cloak, making her rotate in the wind. This gilded statue dates from the twentieth century, but was inspired by the original weather vane from 1711.


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