Berlin Corporate Photographer Services Team’s skilled experts are known to some as the best corporate photographer Berlin has to offer. Our services incorporate any photography and commercial videography a company needs to promote its own brand, its products, or the services it offers.

You might hire a corporate photographer for capturing images used to illustrate marketing materials externally and internally – for example, your company’s reports, yearly magazine to investors or newsletters for staff.

Social media is another prime example of when a corporate photographer can prove invaluable. Great commercial images attract attention, spark curiosity, and encourage engagement from prospective and existing customers.

Bearing in mind that general, broad-brush brief, we will look at how a Berlin professional photographer can help you to reach at top profile.

Reasons to Hire a Berlin Based Corporate Photographer

Professional Headshots to Sell Your Team, Your Brand & Your Ideas

We have all giggled at passport photos, remarking on their similarity to wanted criminals posters. Some companies settle for similar quality photos when posting images of their staff online. It doesn’t look professional and it’s a missed opportunity to give a great first impression of your talented team to the outside world. Hire a corporate photographer though, and those business headshots can be used to sell key messages about your company, while also making your staff feel like you’ve invested in them personally.

Tell your corporate photographer the image you’re hoping to portray through your headshots and they’ll create the perfect setting. Casual photos of staff working at their desks or out and about meeting clients can emphasise elements of personality; a relaxed yet focused attitude to business; or a team driven to achieve results. Classic staff portraits of each member in front of a white background, perhaps with the company logo discreetly incorporated, illustrates unity of purpose, cohesion, professionalism, and competence. A good corporate portrait photographer will be able to suggest more great ideas if you’re stuck.

Using Your Photographer Berlin Corporate Images To Improve Sales​

So, good photos of your team members can be used to help build trust and confidence in your company. In the same way, a professional set of corporate photographs taken in Berlin of your products can help inspire potential clients to take action and therefore build sales.

It is a recognised fact that the better quality images you use on your website, the longer visitors are likely to stay and learn more about what you have to offer. That means they’re more likely to buy from you than a competitor with less engaging images. Moreover, if you’re selling your products online, it’s worth bearing in mind that recent research shows that consumers are more inclined to trust product photos than online reviews or written descriptions.

So, investing in top quality photographs that really show your wares off to best effect has a greater chance of engendering trust in prospective buyers than amateur pictures – or worse, no pictures at all.

Finding The Right Corporate Photographer in Berlin For Your Company​

Now you’re convinced that there’s a compelling reason to use photos, and photos taken by a professional photographer, how do you go about finding the right one for your company? The main qualification you should look for is experience and plenty of it.

Technology abounds and is cheap enough for just about any freelancer to set themselves up in the photography business.

An established photographer with an impressive portfolio will deliver far better results than any talented amateur. They will also have built up a stock of equipment that means they can cope with any commission in any setting and turn out photos that look simply fabulous. And there is no risk to lose the photos after photoshoot.

If you can, find a photographer who has worked with businesses similar in type to yours, because they will have very specific experience they can bring to your photo shoot and that will make the overall session faster and less of a learning curve for all involved.

Tips On Booking The Right Berlin Corporate Photography Team

There is a world of difference between a hairdressing salon and a factory turning out machined parts. While many of the skills your Berlin corporate photography team has are transferable, the demands of one job are very likely to differ dramatically from the other. So, ensure your chosen photographer has demonstratable experience of different kinds of photography. Taking portraits of staff is a world away from taking accurate, detailed photos of products for an online shop, for instance.

Deadline for The Photography Work

Another aspect to check is delivery times for the finished photos (especially if you have a deadline in mind). Some smaller, sole photographers may not be able to fit tight deadlines into their schedules, while larger teams are likely to have more flexibility.

Finally, if you get a chance, it’s always good to meet with your London based corporate photographer before the project commences. You want to be able to assess whether they are friendly, easy to communicate with and keen to develop a good understanding of you and your business.

Look For A Range Of Skills In Your Photographer​

The best results in terms of a photography project often come when you are able to build an ongoing relationship with your photographer. So, when hiring one for the first time, don’t just think short term.

Although you may only want some corporate headshots for now, further down the line, you may need photos for a new website, or for your company’s annual report, for instance. Perhaps you’ll want to host events for your growing customer base in the future and record the day photographically.

While, as noted above, you should look for specific experience in your field and for your requirements now, it’s worth building in possible future needs as well to the recruitment process, if you foresee them. This will save time and effort in the future. Again, a bigger company is more likely than a sole operator to be able to cater to current and ongoing needs, so look for a corporate and event photographer that has a wide range of skills in-house. For all this and more, why not try Berlin Photographer will find the best for your request!?

Corporate Photographer FAQs

What is corporate photography?

Corporate photography covers any and all photographs used in the operation of a business. These could be (but are not limited to) team headshots, conference imagery, product photos or advertising campaign photography.

Where in Berlin do you offer your services?

We are a large team of corporate photographers meaning we can offer our high-quality services all throughout Berlin and the Germany. We can help whether you are based in Central, North, South, East or West. Although we are based in Prague we travel all over to offer photography solutions for some of the biggest businesses in the Germany.

For The Most Talented Corporate Photographers in Berlin, Contact

At Team, we’re a skilled and experienced team with some hugely creative ideas for how we can help you sell your business to your target audiences. From events photography to open photo booths, we’re at the forefront of the market for commercial photographers. We genuinely listen to your requirements and get to know your business so we can deliver photos that exceed your expectations.

If you’d like a competitively priced quote for your corporate photography requirements in Berlin with no obligation to proceed, you can contact us.



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